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Where possible the publisher's own comments about their astrology programs have been used. Just a few of these details are personal opinion of the program.

Freeware - Astrological Chart Calculation Programs

Achernar Astrology (1.77mb)

The program will calculate horoscopes very accurately, (within about one second of Arc), draw a chart and provide an interpretation of the chart. If you are experienced in Astrology, you will find that the program will also do relationship charts, progressions, transits etc. etc. A special feature allows you to view horoscopes as seen from another planet, as well as from Earth and the Sun. Explore interplanetary lines and more. Some of the features may not work yet, and the program is best used by someone with some experience in Astrology - though anyone should be able to understand the basic commands.


Astro123 (1.95mb)

Astro123 combines the following programs into one convenient, easy-to-use program: N_Interp (for natal chart analysis), MEandYOU (for understanding composite chart meanings), YOUandME (for understanding synastry chart meanings), Transits (for transit interpretations - includes a new transit report for up to 366 days of transits), and Keywords (for helping you become better at astrological analysis in general). Astro123 also does all the calculations for relationships such as composite charts, synastry, dual cosmodynes, bi-wheels, etc. This version has the latest dual cosmodyne algorithms for relationship compatibility analysis.



A very versatile program packed with features, although a little difficult to get to grips with initially. Includes chart features such as synastry, composite, progressions, transits, midpoints, arabic parts etc.


Astroprocessor - ZET 7 Lite (6+mb in 5 files)

Freeware version for the amateur astrologer. Differs from the full version by the following: two types of double charts, transit and synastry are supported only, there are no functions of construction of some diagrams and tables, a geographical map - not scaled, the size is 675 x 337 pixels, distribution of interpretation is possible only in plain text format.



Includes progressions, solar arcs, transits, solar and lunar returns, directions, relocation maps and numerology


Canopus 2.0 (2.3mb)

Canopus is a powerful piece of astrological software written by Samuel Sagan. It makes casting a chart easy and fast. It contains full interpretations of planetary aspects and many chart variations.


Easy Charts

A text based program for those not familiar with the glyphs normally used. Sequential charts, ideal for electional astrology. Arabic parts calculated and also harmonics.


King of the Stars (3.8mb)

Basic calculation module is free. Other parts such as analyses are made available on payment.


Lucky Days (1.43mb)

Why go to the trouble of finding your Daily Horoscopes on the web when you can make far more accurate and personal "Real Astrology" predictions yourself, by following the daily planet movements (transits) to your own Birth-chart? You don't need to know the first thing about Astrology, everything gets calculated for you automatically. This program tells you exactly when planets are forming aspects to your birth-chart planets.



StarLite allows you to enter birth information and obtain a natal chart wheel either displayed on the screen or printed out. You can also view or print a progressed chart wheel. Startlite has no other calculation capabilities. It also demonstrates some of the data entry features and other features of Kepler and Pegasus.


Uranus 16 (668k)

For both amateur and professional astrologers. Developed by the Institute of Practical Astrology, Moscow. (English Version)


What Watch 1.0 build (2.86mb)

"What Watch is a tool for the experienced astrologer who wants to follow closely transit and progression cycles. The program creates ephemeris lists for any given combination of planets providing dates of the transit itself, of stations and of sign changes. It was created as an add-on to transit modules of major astrology software."


Other Astrology Freeware - Programs

Astro Clock (Vega Software) (600k)

I personally love this! An icon sits in your system tray telling you what sign is currently rising. You can have an on screen display in chart form of all the current transits and aspects, configurable for your location. The chart updates itself every few minutes.

AstroClock (Astrowin)

For electional astrology - see what's happening minute by minute

Astroline (Astrowin)

Astroclock program

Matchmaker (Astrowin)

Astrological compatibility with Chiron

Midpoint (Astrowin)

calculation program for midpoints

ProgTran (Astrowin)

Progressions, solar arcs, transits

Transits (Astrowin)

daily plan program


For reviews of more than 50 astrology programs, both freeware and commercial: REVIEWS


Other Astrology Freeware - Screen Savers

7art Zodiac Screensaver (831k)

7art Zodiac screensaver brings you 12 amazing signs of the zodiac pictured in original way. The Zodiac drawings (true color, 800x600 resolution) take turns with various transitional effects that make your desktop astrological look. 

AdZe's Oracle/Current Phase of Moon Screensavers (449k)

The oracle will answer your questions! The current phase of the moon is shown with shooting stars in the background and also gives you a reading.

Astrology Wizard Screensaver (approx 1mb)

Screensaver for each zodiac sign with characteristics of the sign, its glyph and constellation.

New Age Screensaver (62k)

Galaxies, comets, planets - move it all around yourself to control your own universe!

Soul Guidance Screensavers

Five to choose from: cosmic, planets, alchemy, crystals or angels

Space Travel Screensaver (883kb or 2.3mb with sound)

Kicked out of Earth orbit, you will approach the Moon surface, cross the Martian atmosphere, orbit the gas giant Jupiter and finally arrive at Saturn's rings.


Other Astrology Freeware - Desktop Wallpapers

Zodiac Signs Wallpaper (from AstroHoroscopes)


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