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Unlike Horary astrology where a chart is set up to answer a question, Electional astrology is finding the right time to begin something or to do something specific. While you could ask the question of, "when is the right time?" in a horary chart and obtain a satisfactory answer, Electional astrology enables you to elect the time that is right for you and in accordance with your own birthchart. Electional astrology is the planning of an event or an undertaking by selecting the best planetary configurations coming in the future.

For example, if you had decided to get married, you would want to choose a time that would be in harmony with your birthchart, that of the partner and also the composite chart (relationship chart). You would also want the planetary configurations to offer the best possible chance of success. By choosing the right time, we can take some control of our destiny by utilising our free will.

Electional astrology is in its most basic form, a selection a time for being in harmony with the universe. No astrological chart of any kind can ever guarantee success in something that does not have the basic essential of opportunity. Anything fundamentally flawed to begin with does not stand a chance of success no matter how promising the planetary configurations may look.

In setting up a chart for any future event, considerations of practicalities have to come first. The practicalities of an event may be limited to certain times and it is electing the best possible time out of the options available that is the important factor.

Most of the techniques used for Horary astrology apply to Electional astrology in that the planets representing the major significators need to be strong and without debilitating influences. Ideally, the planets in an election should have dignity and form promising aspects to the other significators. Special regard needs to be paid to the Ascendant and the Moon.

The ascendant should be free from inharmonious aspects and of a sign that is strong and where its ruler is strong.

Of vital importance when selecting a time, is the strength of the Moon. Traditionally, New Moons are avoided as that is the time when darkness prevails, before the first sighting of the crescent moon. Similarly the full moon is also avoided, as this is a time of the culmination of events, the climax of all that has passed. Once that has been reached there is only one way for the moon to go. It gradually loses strength once its culmination has passed, during the waning phase, and is therefore not a good omen for anything begun at this time. The best time of all is during the Moon's waxing phase when it is gaining in light and strength until it becomes full again. The speed of the Moon's movements is also taken into consideration as the faster it is moving the quicker the chance of things coming to fruition.

The benefic planets (Jupiter the greater benefic and Venus the lesser benefic) should be harmoniously placed and with some dignity, either by sign, aspect, or house, preferably all three. The malefic planets (Saturn the greater malefic, Mars the lesser malefic) should be as weak as possible unless the undertaking or event is of a nature relating to them. Neither of the latter planets should be in square or opposition to any of the significant planets.

Retrograde planets should also be avoided, especially Mercury. Matters are often much more difficult with Mercury retrograde as delays, breakdowns and all manner of mishaps occur.

While no election chart will ever be perfect, the balance should be weighted in favour of the best possible planetary considerations. The hard aspects show obstacles to be overcome and testing times, which are often necessary to undergo before the harmony ensues of the end achievement. All charts need some hard aspects in order to provide stability and endurance. A chart with too many harmonious aspects can lead to laziness in addressing any problems that arise and a too laid-back attitude that may become irksome to others.

Relevant tables and considerations applying to the use of both Electional and Horary astrology are on a separate page.

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