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The entries with (H) alongside are those particularly used in Horary Astrology. More detail will be found in that section. 

Accidental Dignity (H)

a planet strengthened by house placement or by aspect to a benefic object

Accidental Debility (H)

a planet weakened by house placement or by aspect to a malefic object


One of the four elements; the signs of Gemini, Libra and Aquarius


the two axis of the Ascendant/Descendant and the MC/IC, forming the cusps of the 1st/7th houses and the 10th/4th houses respectively.

Antiscion (H)

the shadow of a planet

Arabic Parts

A hypothetical point arrived at by use of a formula


Also known as the Rising Sign, the sign and degree rising over the Eastern horizon at the time of birth


A relationship between two or more planets by geometric angles

Benefic (H)

Planets which are considered fortunate. Jupiter is the greater benefic and Venus the lesser benefic


An aspect of 144 degrees


A horoscope showing the planetary positions at the moment of birth

Cardinal Sign

The "action" signs of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn

Cazimi (H)

a planet within 17 minutes of conjunction to the Sun, "in the heart of the Sun". This position is one of strength


Diagram of the heavens, a horoscope

Chart ruler

The planet which rules the sign on the Ascendant

Combust (H)

a planet too close to the Sun, within the usual orb of 8 degrees or less, so as to burn up in the heat and is therefore seriously weakened

Composite chart

using the midpoints of two people's planets to form a new chart


Two or more planets or points together within an 8 degree orb

Contrantiscion (H)

Opposition to an Antiscion


A line dividing the houses from one another


Each sign is divided into three decans of 10 degrees. See also Face


Basic unit in measurement of a circle


Opposite the Ascendant, the sign setting on the western horizon, the cusp of the 7th house

Detriment (H)

when a planet is in a house opposite the sign that it rules it is said to be in its detriment. This makes it weaker.

Dignity (H)

when a planet is in a sign that it rules it is said to be in dignity. This makes it stronger


The forward planetary motion

Disassociated Aspect

when one or more planets form an aspect within the allowed orb but that is not in a sign of the same triplicity or quadruplicity


One of the four elements. The signs of Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn


The apparent path of the Sun


Using astrology to plan an event


Fire, earth, air and water


A table showing the planetary positions day by day


Circle around the earth equidistant from the poles


point where the ecliptic meets the equator. The Vernal or Spring Equinox at 0 degrees Aries and the Autumnal Equinox at 0 deg. Libra

Exaltation (H)

when a planet is in a sign that it draws its power from it is said to be in its exaltation. This makes it stronger

Face (H)

Each sign is divided into three faces of ten degrees. See also Decan

Fall (H)

when a planet is in a sign opposite that from which it draws its power it is in its fall. This makes it weaker.


One of the four elements; the signs of Aries, Leo and Sagittarius

Fixed signs

Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius

Fixed stars

Stars which do not appear to move - see Fixed Stars section


The part of Fortune. The major Arabic Part


Earth centred. Astrology is geocentric


Symbol representing a planet, sign or point in the chart


Longitude is measured from the Meridian at Greenwich which is 0 degrees longitude

Horary Astrology

Use of a chart to answer a question


A chart showing planetary positions, usually a birthchart


The 12 sectors of the horoscope

Imum Coeli (IC)

Usually marking the cusp of the 4th house, the lowest point of a chart

Intercepted Sign

A sign that does not occupy a house cusp


Also called the luminaries. The sun and the moon


Also called the lights. The sun and the moon

Lunar Return

When the Moon returns to its natal position. Occurs once a month


cycle of moon from one new Moon (conjunction to Sun) to the next.


Planets which are considered unfortunate. Saturn is the greater malefic and Mars the lesser malefic

Medical Astrology

The use of astrology in health matters

Medium Coeli (MC)

Also known as the Midheaven, the highest point of the ecliptic. Usually marks the cusp of the 10th house


Halfway point between two planets or points


One 60th of a degree

Moon's Nodes

The points where the path of the Sun intersects the path of the Moon

Mundane astrology

The study of horoscopes of countries, nations, world events. Also known as political astrology

Mutable signs

Adaptable signs of Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces

Mutual Reception

when two planets are each in the sign the other rules or has dignity in

Natal chart

A horoscope of the moment of birth


The person to whom the horoscope or birthchart belongs

Natural zodiac

Usually a chart starting with Aries as the Ascendant. The zodiac running from Aries through to Pisces

Negative signs

Water and earth signs


An aspect of 40 degrees

Obliquity of the ecliptic

The angle between the plane of the Ecliptic and that of the Equator. 23 degrees 27 minutes


An aspect of 180 degrees


The distance allowed for beyond an exact aspect


having same distance in declination, north or south of the celestial equator

Peregrine (H)

a planet without any essential dignity, and very weak


The main bodies of the solar system


Division of the zodiac into Positive and Negative signs

Positive signs

Fire and Air signs


Symbolic movement of the planets around the horoscope


The qualities of the signs


Three types of sign: Cardinal, Fixed and Mutable

Querent (H)

The person asking the question in Horary Astrology

Quesited (H)

Subject of a question asked in Horary Astrology


An aspect of 150 degrees


An aspect of 72 degrees


A method of working out the birth time by events of one's life


the apparent backward motion of a planet as seen from the earth. All planets are subject to retrogradation except the sun and moon.

Rising planet

A planet in the first house within 8 degrees of the Ascendant

Rising sign

Also known as the Ascendant, the sign rising over the Eastern horizon at the time of birth

Ruling planet

The planet which rules the sign on a cusp


An aspect of 36 degrees


An aspect of 30 degrees


An aspect of 45 degrees


An aspect of 135 degrees


An aspect of 60 degrees

Significator (H)

A planet representing a person or object in Horary Astrology

Solar chart

A horoscope where the position of the Sun is used as the Ascendant

Solar Return

When the Sun returns to its natal position, usually the birthday


time when the Sun is at its greatest northern or southern declination. Summer solstice 0 degrees Cancer, Winter solstice at 0 degrees Capricorn


An aspect of 90 degrees


group of three or more planets within the same sign or house


The comparison of two birthcharts for mutual aspects and to determine compatibility

Terms (H)

five unequal portions within a sign, each being ruled by a different planet


The movement of the planets around the zodiac

Translation of Light (H)

a fast moving planet separating in aspect from one planet to apply to another


An aspect of 120 degrees


The elements of the signs


A configuration of the chart where two planets are in opposition and one or more planets in square aspect

Under the Sunbeams (H)

a planet in the same sign as the sun and within 17 degrees of it. This makes the planet slightly weakened.

Via Combusta (H)

The last 15 degrees of Libra and first 15 degrees of Scorpio

Void of Course (H)

When a planet, especially the Moon, will make no major aspects before leaving its current sign.


One of the four elements; the signs of Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces


The signs and constellations on or within 8 degrees of the ecliptic


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