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Calculating Midpoints in Astrology 

Astrology is not just about the basic signs, planets and houses. There is much more that can be gleaned from a birthchart by the additional techniques such as midpoints. As the name implies, it is the calculation of the halfway point between two planets or other points of a birthchart. The calculation of Midpoints gives us a further insight in astrological interpretation techniques. Midpoint calculation is also known as Cosmobiology as originally termed by Reinhold Ebertin, a German astrologer of the Hamburg School. It is quite fascinating what can be discovered by the use of midpoints as a midpoint acts like a hypothetical planet but as a combination of two. Midpoints also provide a connection between planets that otherwise appear to be unconnected. They bring the power of the planets together, providing a "hot spot". This "hot spot" can be quite revealing in applying transits to the chart as often when there appears no connection between a transit and natal placements, it is the midpoint which has been triggered. Although more subtle due to them being "hidden" energy points of the chart, Midpoints can be very illuminating in our thirst for further knowledge.

Ebertin began in earnest to show by the use of Midpoints or Cosmobiology as he termed it, that the house and sign of a midpoint is irrelevant. His major work, "Combination of Stellar Influences" emphasises the importance of the energies of the planets in combination, rather than their actual relationships geometrically made by aspect. According to him, the aspect takes its meaning from the planets making the aspect, rather than the traditional meaning of the aspect by geometric relationship, e.g. an opposition being a "hard" aspect.

There are two midpoints in a chart for each planetary pair. It is the one of shorter arc or distance that is used, although the other can be an equally sensitive point. The point directly opposite a midpoint is also very sensitive to transits and progressions. If the midpoint should fall where a planet is already posited this will give greater emphasis at that degree and will be a combination of all three planets' energies, though most notably the planet actually posited there.

Of greatest significance are the midpoints between the Sun and the Moon, and between the Ascendant and Midheaven. These of course are the indicators of the major things of life in general.

Midpoints are the basis in relationship astrology for the calculation of a composite chart. The composite chart is made up of the midpoints of two people's planets. For example, the midpoint of both parties Venus will give the composite position of Venus. All planets are followed through in this manner, as well as the Ascendant and this provides a whole new chart for a relationship.

Calculating Midpoints can be quite a time consuming effort, but with practice becomes much simpler to work out with ease. For example, two planets posited at 10 degrees Aries and 10 degrees Libra respectively will have their midpoint at 10 degrees Cancer. Its opposition, also being a sensitive point, will fall at 10 degrees Capricorn. If you wish to calculate Midpoints for yourself but don't like the idea of doing the mathematics required, there is an online calculator available. 

Midpoints Calculator

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