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I have personally reviewed all of these search engines and have only included those that have a lot to offer. The first few listed here are specialised in that it is primarily what their site is about. The next are those astrology sites having their own search engine with lots of astrology links. Following those are the sites which cover a variety of New Age topics, including astrology, and who have their own search engine. Then there are other astrology subject search engines.


Astrology Search Engines




Easy Scopes




Complete Planet - Astrology


Astrology Ca


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The Astrology Directory


These are New Age sites covering a variety of topics, but have an Astrology section and a Search Engine.


All Things Spiritual


These sites have a search facility within specialised areas:

Widget's Astrology World

Article Search


 This site has an alphabetical list of links by subject - all Astrology

Futureminders - Astro-Search


If you know of a good astrology search engine or directory such as those above, not just general ones, please let us know either by e-mail, or a note in the Guestbook (links for these on main page), or submit your link below.


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