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Through the study of a birthchart of a person whose life is well documented we can gain some of the best insights into the workings of astrology. When we know some particular thing about someone we can find it in the birthchart and so have a better understanding of how astrology works. Reading the charts of celebrities and other famous people is a very good way to learn astrology by putting it into practice along with knowing the characteristics and events of their lives. In this way, many techniques can be learned with a back up source of information, thereby making it much easier to understand the workings of astrology. A good example of this is the Relocation and Astrocartography of President John F Kennedy. Please see the links to these pages at the bottom of this page. The Relocation page shows the birthchart and the relocation chart for Kennedy.

There are some excellent online astrology resources for databases recording the birth data of many famous people and celebrities. Some of these databases consist of the basic raw material of data, while others display their charts. Some also give biographical detail which when related to the chart is more helpful to our understanding of the principles of astrology.


Astro Databank - The site of Lois Rodden, well known for her databank of celebrity birth data. She always has the charts of celebrities in the news as features and there is a growing list of recent ones. Message boards for discussion of the latest celebrity chart too. These can be very interesting.

Astropro Celebrity Data - Richard Nolle's celebrity database

Auntie Virgin's Celebrity Astrology - offers a facility to input your sun and moon signs and find celebrities with the same combination. Also lists of famous people born on your birthday.

Celebrity Astro* Search

Celebrity Database

The Astrology Matrix

Zodiacal Zephyr

1000 Interesting People - Their charts and birth data, but no biographical detail


Also of interest might be the Birth Twins databases where you can search for those people, famous or not, sharing your birthday and/or your actual birth date. There is a separate list of these sites on the appropriate page.

For details regarding President John F. Kennedy, his birthchart, relocation chart and the Astrocartography of him at Dallas, please see both the Relocation and Astrocartography pages.

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