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Relationship Astrology - Composite Charts - putting the two together

The coming together of two people's charts as one

Astrology is a useful tool in relationships, giving insight into how we relate to others. Whereas in Synastry the charts of two people are compared to see how each person's planets relate to the other, a composite chart, otherwise known as the relationship chart, is based on the midpoints of each person's natal planets. For example, if one person's Venus is posited at 10 degrees Aries and the other at 10 degrees Libra, the midpoint of both parties Venus will be at 10 degrees Cancer. This is then known as the Composite Venus. All planets are followed through in this manner, as well as the Ascendant and this provides a whole new chart for a relationship. It gives an overview of the relationship rather than each person's involvement in it. Transits to the planets within a composite chart will activate aspects within it much the same as in a natal chart. Transits to the planetary placements of the composite chart can often trigger off changes within the relationship.

Composite charts can be used to see what qualities a relationship will have, not just between two people in an intimate setting, but also between those in business together for example. In fact, any relationship between two people can be viewed from this perspective. You could even go so far as to construct a chart for the relationship with your cat!

Calculation of a composite chart follows the same principles as that for Midpoints except that two people's natal charts are used rather than just the one. There is an online calculator for Midpoints that can be used just as effectively for compiling a composite chart as it can for natal charts. Alternatively, some of the websites that offer chart calculation also offer relationship charts. The sites offering natal chart calculation and which may also offer composite or synastry charts are listed on the Charts page. There is also freeware software available for the calculation. Please see the page listing these.

Composite charts are read in the same way as any other chart. The aspects made between the composite planets offer an insight into the different elements that combine to make the relationship what it is. For any relationship to last the test of time, there needs to be some strength and stability shown by what are usually called adverse aspects such as the square or opposition. Oppositions can be complimentary with one side of the balance being met by the other and vice versa. The squares provide the challenges and the stability, especially when coming from fixed signs. Without these and with too many easy flowing aspects of trines and sextiles it all becomes too laid back and neither party will put in the effort to make things work. Nothing is gained by just sitting back and letting things happen, it takes effort on both parts. So a balanced combination of hard and soft aspects of the right planets can produce a relationship that will have the strength to ride the waters through rough and smooth.

As with other charts other factors can be brought into play, such as the Asteroids, Arabic Parts or Fixed Stars. Composite charts can be progressed and of course are also subject to Transits. Basically, whatever is possible with other charts is also possible with Composite charts and can throw new light on matters not otherwise noticeable within the basic chart.

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