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Charles Kowal discovered Chiron in 1977 while he was examining some photographic plates. Orbiting between Saturn and Uranus, its own orbit is elliptical and eccentric. It takes approximately 50 years for Chiron to complete its orbit around the zodiac. At certain times it crosses the orbits of both Saturn and Uranus and can act like a mediator between the two. As its discovery has been fairly recent, its use and interpretation in astrology has been limited. However, it is gaining popularity as being almost akin to a new planet. Some astronomers call it a planetoid, whereas astrologers tend to call it an asteroid. Chiron is depicted according to the Greek legend as a centaur being half horse, half-human.

The mythology says that Chiron was very wise and taught the art of prophecy and astrology amongst other things. By this and its other attributes, it is an aid to the discovery of a deeper purpose to life in general through astrology. The attributes of Chiron are becoming more recognised as astrological research progresses.

In the early 1990's it was discovered that Chiron was not alone. This new group of asteroids became known as the Centaurs with Chiron as the leading Centaur. There are now known to be at least 41 of them. The first "new" one to be discovered was named Pholus, followed by Nessus, Asbolus, Chariklo and Hylonome.

Chiron is known as the "Wounded Healer" for that is what it symbolises in astrology. Wherever Chiron is placed in the natal chart is where it will be found that the hurts and wounds of most impact occur. It is often through our own experiences of hurt and pain that we can best help others in a time of need when they are experiencing the same kind of wounds that we have already endured. Hence the Wounded Healer. It is not just those who are suffering similar experiences to what we already have that the healing process applies to, but to ourselves as well. For each time we relive our hurts in order to reach out to others to offer support, we are also again dealing with it ourselves and healing our own hurts that little bit more. I believe that out of everything negative something positive eventually emerges, although it can be very difficult to recognise this at the time. For instance, if you have been through some harrowing experience that is very negative and then later on you can help someone else going through a similar thing, isn't that then something positive coming from it? It is the wounding and the healing process over and over again, the very nature of Chiron in operation. The house position of Chiron in the birthchart will show the area most likely to be prominent in these kind of matters. This will be the main source of our wounds and where the greatest healing can take place.

Chiron is also known to be the "planet" of relationships and is now being used as an indicator of compatibility between two people. This applies regardless of the nature of the relationship. Because of this, many astrologers are beginning to think that perhaps it should be applied as the ruler of Libra and naturally of the 7th house.

Whereas Saturn is associated with the past, and Uranus with the future, Chiron orbiting between the two suggests a more immediate impact, that of the present. Being between these two, Chiron is not bound by the restrictions and limitations of Saturn, yet has not quite reached the extremes of the futuristic Uranus.

Sign associations of Chiron

As well as the above mentioned possible association with the sign of Libra, there are also associations with two other signs. According to mythology, Zeus placed Chiron in the sky in the constellation of Sagittarius, the archer, the centaur. As it is known as the wounded-healer and healing being a great part of Chiron's nature, it also has associations with Virgo. As yet, no agreement has been reached astrologically as to which sign, if any, it should be known as ruler or co-ruler of.

Keywords: balance, catalyst, guiding, healing, key, link, maverick, mediator, present, teacher, therapy, wounds 

Glyph: Chiron Glyph


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