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Fixed Stars 

The fixed stars have been used in astrology as additional indicators of various things for thousands of years. The stars were known as "fixed" as they didn't appear to move in the same way as the planets do, which are also known as the "wandering" stars. They are not rigidly fixed however, moving approximately 1 degree every 72 years so their positions have changed over time. They have a nature similar to those of the planets. A star that has similar attributes to Venus or Jupiter will be fortunate and likely to show success, while a star having similar attributes to Mars or Saturn will be unfortunate and likely to show difficulties.

Some fixed stars are more often taken into account than others are as they are near the ecliptic, such as the four Royal stars. Most are used primarily in Horary, Electional and Mundane (political) astrology. To be significant in a birthchart, or any other chart, they have to have a tight orb of 1 degree in their aspects, and only the conjunction, opposition and parallel aspects are used. Naturally, the conjunction is the strongest and most reliable contact as it has been said that the fixed stars "cast no rays". The opposition only has influence by virtue of its polarity. The stars have more importance when very close to any of the angles (Ascendant, Descendant, MC and IC) or when very close to the sun or moon. The meaning mostly depends on which planet the star is aspected to. If it is aspected to a benefic such as Venus or Jupiter, the better qualities of the star will be apparent, while the reverse applies if it is aspected to one of the malefics such as Mars or Saturn.


The Royal Stars

These stars once marked the cardinal points of the equinoxes and the solstices. They are also known as the Archangel stars being watchers of the four points of the compass. They were characterised as horses, the four horsemen of the Apocalypse.

Regulus - (the star of kings) known as being the heart of the lion in the constellation of Leo, it is the most important of these four. The healing Archangel Raphael, the watcher of the North. Certainly, in Royal nativity's, Regulus is very important, regarded almost as a planet itself.

Fomalhaut - the fish's mouth in the constellation of Pisces. The Archangel Gabriel, the watcher of the South.

Alderbaran - the left eye of the bull in the constellation of Taurus. The Archangel Michael, the watcher of the East.

Antares - the heart of the scorpion in the constellation of Scorpio. The Archangel Oriel, the watcher of the West.


The Seven Sisters or Pleiades

This cluster of stars was called "The Guardians of the Sky". All are part of the make-up of the constellation of Taurus and that of the bull. The cluster consists of 7 small stars (Electra, Celaeno, Taygeta, Maia, Merope, Asterope and Alcyone) with Alcyone being the central star and known as the star of the weeping sisters. It is said that anyone influenced by the 29th degree of Taurus (0 Gemini now) will at some point in their life, suffer "a fate to weep about". It also bestows strong will, sincerity and honesty.


Below is a table of the most commonly used fixed stars, their position, planets they are likened to and a brief meaning. I have arranged them in order of their position in the zodiac for ease of reference. These positions were those of the year 2000. Earlier references to these stars may place them a few degrees earlier. For example, Alcyone, is more commonly known at 29 degrees Taurus but has now moved into Gemini.






Taurus 2610'

(Caput) Algol


misfortune, decapitation, violence

Gemini 0000'



love, emotion, bereavement

Gemini 0947'



honour, intelligence, courage

Leo 2950'



success, independence, violence

Libra 0956'



falsity, disgrace, widowhood

Libra 2350'



success, riches, unscrupulousness

Sagittarius 0946'



conflict, danger, violence

Capricorn 1519



fortunate, hopeful, refinement

Pisces 0352'



variable, fortunate or unfortunate

Pisces 2922'



extreme misfortune, murder

Recommended reading on this subject:

Fixed Stars and Constellations in Astrology - Vivian Robson (1923)

Book of Fixed Stars - Bernadette Brady (1998)


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Fixed Stars - Anne Wright

If you can't find it on this site I doubt you will find it on any other site on the web! 290 fixed stars are listed separately giving details about each one and interpretation. 88 constellations are likewise listed. All of the stars are listed in various ways such as by sign, alphabetical, arranged by longitude, declination, and in categories.

Fixed Stars - Diana K Rosenburg

The well-known astrologer, Robert Hand, describes Diana as the leading authority on fixed stars. A very informative website with a lot of interesting information regarding the stars, constellations and mythology.

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