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Medical Astrology - The face, its sign and planet rulers

 Parts of the face, their ruling signs and planets


The sun is the life giver, the life force. It is associated with general well-being, the feeling of being fully alive. It is also associated with growth. Much like a flower needs the sun in order to grow, so too do we. Whatever sign the sun is placed in will have a weakness associated with that part of the body. For example, the sun placed in Aries which rules the head will likely be disposed to injuries and ailments of the head such as headaches, migraine etc.

Ailments: of the heart and of fevers generally.



The moon governs the fluids and water of the body and the regulation of it. An imbalance can cause problems. The moon can also show mood swings and maybe the two are linked.

Ailments: those relating to the fluids within the body



Mercury rules the nervous system and is therefore associated with nervous disorders. Excess mental stimulation can give rise to other ailments such as headache or exhaustion. Loss of memory is also associated with Mercury.

Ailments: those relating to the mental faculty and those associated with the nerves



Ruling the sign of Libra it is also associated with the kidneys and any problems that arise with them. Venus is also associated with those conditions brought about by excess and over-indulgence. It is associated with venereal diseases.

Ailments: those relating to the kidneys and social diseases



Mars being hot and fiery it is associated with fevers and anything hot and angry. Inflammation, haemorrhage, high blood pressure, eruptions are some of the complaints. It is also associated with such things as insect bites and stings, burns and accidents. Surgery in general is also a Mars ruled thing.

Ailments: those relating to heat by whatever form



Jupiter rules the liver and any complaints of it. As Jupiter's main keyword is that of expansion, it governs swellings and things that grow such as tumours and other growths, either malignant or benign. It is also associated with being overweight and over-indulgence in food, alcohol and drugs.

Ailments: those relating to excess, growths and swellings of any kind



Saturn rules the skin and bones and by its nature of restriction and generally slowing things down, anything that is degenerative is ruled by it. It produces blockages and is associated with poor growth.

Ailments: those that are restrictive in some way and prevent or hinder normal health



Uranus governs accidents and anything happening suddenly. It is also associated with nervous problems being erratic and perhaps irrational.

Ailments: those that arise all of a sudden and those of the nerves



Neptune is most commonly associated with alcohol and drugs and the suspension of normal mental functioning. Neptune is like a creeping fog so it rules such things as wasting diseases and general lethargy.

Ailments: anything that impairs normal functioning or gradual erosion of functions



As Pluto rules Scorpio so it is associated with ailments of the reproductive and excretory systems. It occasions deep changes within whatever condition arises. Can be likened to a volcano bubbling beneath the surface. Ailments: anything hidden or deep.  


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