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Ruler of Sign: Pisces

Ruler of House: 12th

Exalted in: Leo

In Detriment in: Virgo

In Fall in: Aquarius



Your dreams, visions and deep thoughts. Your illusions and what is mysterious to you.


Keywords and what it rules:

Alcohol, art, confusion, cynicism, deception, deep, disguise, disillusionment, dissolving, dreams, drink, drugs, escapism, fraud, ideas, imagination, instability, music, mystery, mysticism, oceans, poisoning, sea, sensitivity, smoke-screen, socialism, softness, transcendence, veil, water, yearnings

In Mundane Astrology: reform, ideals, trends, art


Body Parts Ruled:

although no actual body parts are ruled by Neptune, it does govern such things as addictions and confusion of the mind.

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