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Ruler of Sign: Cancer

Ruler of House: 4th

Exalted in: Taurus

In Detriment in: Capricorn

In Fall in: Scorpio


The Moon is the second luminary in astrology, the other being the sun. Although not a planet as such, it is treated as one for astrological purposes. Whereas the Sun rules the life force and the core essence, the Moon's role is secondary to that as it rules the health in general. It governs the vital bodily fluids and the regulation of them. The moon is the indicator of emotions, feelings and moods. Like the ebb and flow of the tides, emotions often go up and down. Like the moon, moods can swing from one phase to another.

The Full Moon is when the sun and the moon are in opposition, 180 degrees apart and therefore in opposite signs of the zodiac. When full, the moon has reached its maximum and is representative of the culmination of events. Once it has achieved its full state there is only one way it can go and that is down, gradually losing its strength.

The New Moon is when the sun and the moon are in conjunction, 0 degrees and therefore occupy the same zodiac sign. The latter is the time when the moon cannot be seen at night. The new moon is representative of new beginnings, a fresh start as it begins to grow in light working up to become full again.

There is no doubt that the gravitational pull of the moon controls and influences the tides at sea. Two types of tide are known relevant to the phases of the moon and each occurs twice in a lunar month. The "Spring" tides are those that occur at the time of the Full and New Moons. These tides literally spring up and rise much higher than normal. When combined with strong winds and rain, they can lead to serious flooding along coastal places.

"Neap" tides occur at approximately the first and last quarter phases. These tides are the lowest and rise the least. As the old adage says, "As above, so below"



Describes your emotional nature, the way you respond to problems, threats and difficulties. The things you yearn for and the way in which you do. It shows your attitude towards your mother and towards your children. The moon symbolises your maternal or paternal instinct.


Keywords and what it rules:

Boats, changes, childbirth, the common people, dairies, emotions, feelings, fermentation, fluctuation, fluids, health, insanity, instinct, intuition, mariners, maternity, Monday, mother, moods, nursing, plumbers, public, reproduction, response, silver, tears, water

In Mundane Astrology: General public and their opinions, families, community, women, agriculture


Body Parts Ruled:

Breasts, digestive system, stomach, pancreas, glandular tissue, lymphatic glands, ovaries, uterus, womb

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