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Ruler of Sign: Aries and Scorpio

Ruler of House: 1st and 8th

Exalted in: Capricorn

In Detriment in: Taurus and Libra

In Fall in: Cancer


Describes your desires and your determination, your outreach, your will to succeed, to conquer and to achieve your ambitions. Describes your temper and temperament. Your drive and energy.

Keywords and what it rules:

armour, armies, blood, butchers, cars, controversy, disease, drive, energy, engineering, executives, garlic, guns, heat, heroes, incense, inflammations, iron, knives, locks, murder, passion, penetration, pipes, pirates, radiators, razors, sarcasm, stamina, sport, surgery, tobacco, virility, war, wrestlers

In Mundane Astrology: Armies, engineering, aggression and violence, war

Body Parts ruled:

blood, gall bladder, genitals, muscles, sinews, nose

Something known as the "Mars Effect" was discovered by a French scientist by the name of Michel Gauquelin. He found that Mars having just risen or culminated at the time of birth often gave rise to eminent sportsmen and was prominent in charts for other professions. For more on his work, please see the relevant page - link top right of this page.

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